Rustico Leather Hunting Log

Each hunting season (particularly Deer season) I jot down a few goals that I'd like to work towards or accomplish during the season. Before the 2016 season I told myself that I would better document my hunts in a hunting log or journal. This was at the advisement of several older hunters who, through conversation, all mentioned in one form or another that they wished they had documented more of their hunts or fishing trips over the years. My first year, I failed miserably as my entries were unorganized and all over the place as I struggled with what information and data points to capture. The end result was a notebook with a handful of scribbled journal entries.

Fast forward to this 2017 season and I can say that my journal entries improved ten fold thanks to the Hunting Log from Rustico Leather. I first saw the hunting log when a friend posted a picture of theirs and I was immediately drawn to how the pages were organized with pre-determined information and data points to be captured. It was exactly what I needed to keep my entries organized, precise and to the point. You can see in the pictures below that each two page section has places to capture the obvious information such as the date and location of the hunt. But, there is also detailed weather information to be captured such as wind direction and pressure along with temperatures and moon phases. Additionally, there are sections for notes, game animals seen and their activity, stand, hunting weapon, scent or cover scents used and of course harvest records. The areas provide just enough space to capture the information without giving you room to get out of hand or "long winded" with your entries. I believe this goes a long way to help keep the journal organized.

Page content and organization aside, the log is phenomenally crafted. The leather is beautiful, soft and the perfect layer of protection for the thick, rough cut paper. The binding is hand sewn and there are 9 different colors of leather to choose from. My log pictured below is the "Saddle" color/grain and I love it. At first you'll be tempted to baby it and keep it from getting roughed up but the journal actually starts to look better as it becomes worn. I can't say enough about the look, quality and craftsmanship of this journal. I can say, however, that it will make you want to log your hunts and you will look forward to capturing the information from your time in the field. 

Take some time and head over the Rustico website and check out more of their great products. They have logs for fishing as well as other activities not to mention a large selection of other leather products.