Bear Archery Arena 30

With new archers entering the scene every day now, they have a hard problem picking out their bow due to the steep prices of the newer rigs. Luckily, you can pick up a used bow at a great price almost anywhere. The Arena 30 from Bear Archery is a great bow for this example. Originally released in 2014, this bow remains a very impressive setup from the new archery to the experienced one. There is a reason it was produced up until last year. 

Weighing in at only 3.8 pounds and a draw length range of 25.5" to 30", this bow can fit the need of almost any hunter or even target shooter. In fact, with an IBO speed of 345 feet per second, the Arena 30 almost fits the category of a speed bow. Originally released for $899, you can find them on eBay from $250-$500 still new in the box! There are also multiple "ready to shoot" examples that have been decked out by a previous owner in that same price range. While they may not have picked everything you would have, it can be a great way to enter the scene and find out what it is you do and don't like about certain sites, slings, grips, silencers, stabilizers etc.

The stats:

  • Up to 345 FPS
  • 3.8 LBS
  • 6.5" Brace Height
  • 30.5" Axle to Axle
  • 50 / 60 / 70 LBS Peak Draw Weight
  • 25.5" - 30" Draw Length Range
  • 75% Let Off
  • Real Tree Camo Pattern
  • Changeable Grips
  • H15 Hybrid Cam System

Personal Experience: 

I love this bow! With the combined performance and adjustability, it really stands out to me as my go to rig for this season. The compact size and overall weight make it very easy to carry through the woods or to pull up into your stand. I also like that you can easily hang the Arena 30 on a small limb next to your climber if needed. The bow is smooth to pull back and pretty quite on release. The consistency and accuracy really make it a nail driver as you may have seen on one of our recent Instagram posts.