Goltine Hunting Smartphone Camera Mount

We've all been there - heart pounding, mind racing through mental ques, you take the shot and harvest an animal you've been in pursuit of for some time or maybe a trophy that stumbled across your path. End the end, you sit wishing you could share the experience with others because we all know words will never do it justice. Unfortunately, we can't all afford fancy camera set ups or to pay an extra camera guy to film your whole experience. But who goes into the woods these days without a cell phone? If for nothing else we all almost always have our cell phones on us for emergencies. Well, Goltine Hunting has introduced an awesome product to help you capture those final moments of your bow hunt without all the extra money and equipment needed.



When we first reached out to the team at Goltine Hunting, they were extremely helpful. Through our conversation it was very apparent that they are hunters themselves hunters and outdoorsmen who are passionate about improving and creating great products. 

We received the smartphone mount in the mail about a week and a half after pre-ordering. Upon opening the product I was immediately impressed with the craftsmanship and solid build of the mount. Many might expect a cheaply built and flimsy product but this mount, which Huntproof calls "Cupid", is anything but. The build was very solid including sturdy grip springs, padding for smartphone grip and nice soft bushings to go between the mount and your bow to help reduce vibrations.

The mount uses your stabilizer attachment to connect to your bow. Simply use the number of bushings you need, and slip your stabilizer through the mount hole and screw in your stabilizer as you normally would. That's it!! Now you're ready to connect your smartphone and record. As you can see in the pictures below, for this trial I connected the mount to an old model Mission Craze. I was able to shoot my bow as usual with only a small degradation in accuracy. To mitigate this, I simply changed to a smaller, lighter stabilizer to compensate for the added weight of the phone. I saw no difference with only the mount as it is such a light product. This is something everyone will have to try and something that I think anyone who is experienced in bow hunting or archery will understand. Now, there was some shakiness to the video at the point of shooting, however the old bow i'm shooting is not well known for being low in vibration. I've heard and ready plenty of other reviews done with newer, more vibration conscious bow designs that had far less vibration in their video picture. 

All in all, you'll be hard pressed to find a better quality mount for $24.99 that will easily allow you to use your smartphone without any parts required for mounting to your bow. Head over to Goltine and check out their other product that's coming soon, their bow sling, which we'll be reviewing as well in the coming months.

Have you used this product or similar products? Let is know your thoughts in the comments or over on our social media pages. Also, if you have any products you'd like to see reviewed let us know as well!