Hook + Gaff :: King Tide Watch

“King Tide is not a scientific term but actually, a colloquial term used to describe an especially high spring tide that only occurs 2-3 times a year. Just as the name suggests, the Hook & Gaff King Tide is a caliber of watch that doesn’t come around very often. “


If you have read one of our reviews before, you know we like to get into a deep dive when it comes to a product we are evaluating. Palmetto Pursuit prides itself in passing down knowledge to the next generation of hunters and anglers. The best way we know to do that is through expanding our own pursuits and stepping out of the comfort zone we usually subscribe to. As an angler, I knew right away that the King Tide watch was going to be an exciting topic. Hook & Gaff is a local Carolina company that has the same values as many of the companies we have reviewed in the past. Since we love the idea of the word “pursuit,” what better way to start this review than with a quote from the President of H&G, Michael Sims.

               “Durable materials like scratch-resistant sapphire and lightweight titanium will keep you on course through all of your outdoor pursuits”

Everyone knows that the tide is the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun, and the rotation of the Earth. But most people don’t know the deep workings of how those three forces interact with each other.


This is a representation of how the Moons gravity causes the ocean waters to rise in the North and be pulled towards the moon. The Earth also reacts to this force and creates a “pull away” from the water on the opposite side of the Earth and the water in the South will “sag” creating a similar effect. There are many types of tides but I figured the best place to start would be discussing where the name King Tide came from.

Before we dive into that, it is important to understand that tides are essentially just a giant wave that travels around the earth. High tide would be the crest and low tide would be the trough of the wave.

A spring tide is not named for the season, but rather the meaning of the word spring: to jump, burst forth, or rise. Spring tide occurs approximately twice a month around the new moon and full moon when the Sun, Moon, and Earth form a straight line.

King Tide is not a scientific term but actually, a colloquial term used to describe an especially high spring tide that only occurs 2-3 times a year. Just as the name suggests, the Hook & Gaff King Tide is a caliber of watch that doesn’t come around very often.


I have had this watch on my wrist since February 16, 2019, when I purchased it at SEWE. Today is almost exactly a month later and I am still just as happy with my purchase today as I was on that day. The King Tide calculates the semi-diurnal tide cycle that we see in coastal areas which alternates every 12 hours and 24 minutes. Unlike digital tide watches that are preset for a location, the King Tide is analog and allows you to easily set the indicator to the tide at any location you need to.


This feature comes in very handy if you store your boat in one of the many low country creeks that are not accessible at low tide. I can set my watch to the tide schedule of that creek. and know exactly what the water levels are before I take the trip down. Outside of the high, falling, low, and rising tide markers of the watch, my favorite feature is the H3 technology that uses trigalight glass tubes manufactured in Switzerland to keep the watch permanently illuminated. Normal phosphorescent paint will lose its “glowing” feature pretty quickly at night leaving you with a useless device on your wrist.

The King Tide stays bright and easy to read in any shade of night which is especially handy for the early morning or late night boat ride. I personally enjoy being able to tell what time it is in the middle of the night so I can determine if I should go back to sleep or not. I taxed this image from their page and you can read more about it here.


Gentlemen Style

As a coastal angler, I have been around this community for years and we are all very similar in our activities. We work hard and enjoy our days off around the rod and reel, while the nights are reserved for heading out with friends for dinner and drinks. Not just the King Tide, but many of the watches Hook and Gaff produce carry on the same coastal angler passion. They work hard when they need to, but also dress up nice and look good for a night on the town. Finding such a unique watch as this one has been a struggle for a long time and all of my other watches have a purpose of either work or play. I can honestly say this is my first watch that does a great job with both tasks.

As I mentioned earlier, the lightweight titanium is another great feature paired with the unique crown orientation which was moved to the left side of the watch. Many times, I have reached down for my watch to ensure that it was still on my wrist. The irritating factors that many watches have are just not seen on the King Tide. That fact alone paired with the 2-year warranty on defects is well worth the reasonable price tag these watches carry.


Hook and Gaff have moved to a direct-to-consumer business model which does every consumers favorite thing and "cuts out the middle-man" which has significantly lowered their prices. Their testimonial section is full of compliments of the watches but more importantly, the customer service and dedication that Michael Sims and his team has towards making the customer experience a memorable one.

Finally, we get to one of my personal favorite parts about writing reviews, how they give back to our community. Among many of the sponsorships and affiliations on their page, the one that stood out to me the most was with “Operation Wetvet.” As an Army combat veteran myself, I love seeing when companies take the time to help out my fellow brothers and sisters in Arms and Operation Wetvet is an awesome cause. Their motto is, "Taking Combat Wounded Veterans from front lines to tight lines" and they help veterans suffering from PTSD by giving them a type of release and adrenaline many combat veterans need. Plus, what's more peaceful than a calm day on the water chasing after some Tuna. 

In closing, Hook and Gaff is another awesome local company with awesome products that give back to the community and gets our stamp of approval!

Remember, whatever your pursuit is, GET UP AND GET AFTER IT!

-Matt Greene


Rustico Leather Hunting Log

Each hunting season (particularly Deer season) I jot down a few goals that I'd like to work towards or accomplish during the season. Before the 2016 season I told myself that I would better document my hunts in a hunting log or journal. This was at the advisement of several older hunters who, through conversation, all mentioned in one form or another that they wished they had documented more of their hunts or fishing trips over the years. My first year, I failed miserably as my entries were unorganized and all over the place as I struggled with what information and data points to capture. The end result was a notebook with a handful of scribbled journal entries.

Fast forward to this 2017 season and I can say that my journal entries improved ten fold thanks to the Hunting Log from Rustico Leather. I first saw the hunting log when a friend posted a picture of theirs and I was immediately drawn to how the pages were organized with pre-determined information and data points to be captured. It was exactly what I needed to keep my entries organized, precise and to the point. You can see in the pictures below that each two page section has places to capture the obvious information such as the date and location of the hunt. But, there is also detailed weather information to be captured such as wind direction and pressure along with temperatures and moon phases. Additionally, there are sections for notes, game animals seen and their activity, stand, hunting weapon, scent or cover scents used and of course harvest records. The areas provide just enough space to capture the information without giving you room to get out of hand or "long winded" with your entries. I believe this goes a long way to help keep the journal organized.

Page content and organization aside, the log is phenomenally crafted. The leather is beautiful, soft and the perfect layer of protection for the thick, rough cut paper. The binding is hand sewn and there are 9 different colors of leather to choose from. My log pictured below is the "Saddle" color/grain and I love it. At first you'll be tempted to baby it and keep it from getting roughed up but the journal actually starts to look better as it becomes worn. I can't say enough about the look, quality and craftsmanship of this journal. I can say, however, that it will make you want to log your hunts and you will look forward to capturing the information from your time in the field. 

Take some time and head over the Rustico website and check out more of their great products. They have logs for fishing as well as other activities not to mention a large selection of other leather products. 

Goltine Hunting Smartphone Camera Mount

We've all been there - heart pounding, mind racing through mental ques, you take the shot and harvest an animal you've been in pursuit of for some time or maybe a trophy that stumbled across your path. End the end, you sit wishing you could share the experience with others because we all know words will never do it justice. Unfortunately, we can't all afford fancy camera set ups or to pay an extra camera guy to film your whole experience. But who goes into the woods these days without a cell phone? If for nothing else we all almost always have our cell phones on us for emergencies. Well, Goltine Hunting has introduced an awesome product to help you capture those final moments of your bow hunt without all the extra money and equipment needed.



When we first reached out to the team at Goltine Hunting, they were extremely helpful. Through our conversation it was very apparent that they are hunters themselves hunters and outdoorsmen who are passionate about improving and creating great products. 

We received the smartphone mount in the mail about a week and a half after pre-ordering. Upon opening the product I was immediately impressed with the craftsmanship and solid build of the mount. Many might expect a cheaply built and flimsy product but this mount, which Huntproof calls "Cupid", is anything but. The build was very solid including sturdy grip springs, padding for smartphone grip and nice soft bushings to go between the mount and your bow to help reduce vibrations.

The mount uses your stabilizer attachment to connect to your bow. Simply use the number of bushings you need, and slip your stabilizer through the mount hole and screw in your stabilizer as you normally would. That's it!! Now you're ready to connect your smartphone and record. As you can see in the pictures below, for this trial I connected the mount to an old model Mission Craze. I was able to shoot my bow as usual with only a small degradation in accuracy. To mitigate this, I simply changed to a smaller, lighter stabilizer to compensate for the added weight of the phone. I saw no difference with only the mount as it is such a light product. This is something everyone will have to try and something that I think anyone who is experienced in bow hunting or archery will understand. Now, there was some shakiness to the video at the point of shooting, however the old bow i'm shooting is not well known for being low in vibration. I've heard and ready plenty of other reviews done with newer, more vibration conscious bow designs that had far less vibration in their video picture. 

All in all, you'll be hard pressed to find a better quality mount for $24.99 that will easily allow you to use your smartphone without any parts required for mounting to your bow. Head over to Goltine and check out their other product that's coming soon, their bow sling, which we'll be reviewing as well in the coming months.

Have you used this product or similar products? Let is know your thoughts in the comments or over on our social media pages. Also, if you have any products you'd like to see reviewed let us know as well!

Bear Archery Arena 30

With new archers entering the scene every day now, they have a hard problem picking out their bow due to the steep prices of the newer rigs. Luckily, you can pick up a used bow at a great price almost anywhere. The Arena 30 from Bear Archery is a great bow for this example. Originally released in 2014, this bow remains a very impressive setup from the new archery to the experienced one. There is a reason it was produced up until last year. 

Weighing in at only 3.8 pounds and a draw length range of 25.5" to 30", this bow can fit the need of almost any hunter or even target shooter. In fact, with an IBO speed of 345 feet per second, the Arena 30 almost fits the category of a speed bow. Originally released for $899, you can find them on eBay from $250-$500 still new in the box! There are also multiple "ready to shoot" examples that have been decked out by a previous owner in that same price range. While they may not have picked everything you would have, it can be a great way to enter the scene and find out what it is you do and don't like about certain sites, slings, grips, silencers, stabilizers etc.

The stats:

  • Up to 345 FPS
  • 3.8 LBS
  • 6.5" Brace Height
  • 30.5" Axle to Axle
  • 50 / 60 / 70 LBS Peak Draw Weight
  • 25.5" - 30" Draw Length Range
  • 75% Let Off
  • Real Tree Camo Pattern
  • Changeable Grips
  • H15 Hybrid Cam System

Personal Experience: 

I love this bow! With the combined performance and adjustability, it really stands out to me as my go to rig for this season. The compact size and overall weight make it very easy to carry through the woods or to pull up into your stand. I also like that you can easily hang the Arena 30 on a small limb next to your climber if needed. The bow is smooth to pull back and pretty quite on release. The consistency and accuracy really make it a nail driver as you may have seen on one of our recent Instagram posts.