Waterfowl Migration Maps

If you're a waterfowl hunter then you know there is almost no more important aspect to planning a hunt then knowing where the birds are at. As a waterfowl hunter you undoubtedly pay attention to any reports or information you can find with regard to how the birds are migrating and where along with flyways increased numbers can be seen. Having accurate and thorough information with regard to this information can make or break a hunting trip. And lets face it, nobody wants to be the guy sitting in a blind with a bunch of bored buddies running low on coffee having not fired a shot because you didn't plan the hunt well.

Well, one great tool to help you avoid this are the Ducks Unlimited's Waterfowl Migration Map and Hunting Reports. Hunters can see and read hunting and migration reports submitted by other hunters throughout the country as well as very well written hunting reports from Ducks Unlimited contributors. There are obviously other things that need to be taken into consideration but this site from Ducks Unlimited is a great place to start. We utilize these reports often here at Palmetto Pursuit along with the Windy weather website and app (See our weather page) when planning our hunts.

We hope that if you haven't seen the Ducks Unlimited Migration Map and Hunting Reports that you find them useful. Do you have any helpful resources you use for planning your hunts? Share them in the comments, post them in the forum or hut us on on social media!