On the Horizon

What's up folks?! If you're reading this then you've either made your way here via the main page of our website or possibly followed a link from one of our social media accounts. Either way, thanks for taking your time to stop by and see what we've got to say and share.

We wanted to take a minute to just tell you a little bit about what we've got going on and what's on the horizon for Palmetto Pursuit. As you know we have our website up and running (I mean you're here so...obviously, right?) as well as our social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. In addition to continuing to regularly add content to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we will soon be publishing original content to YouTube to include hunting and fishing montages, how-to videos related to hunting and fishing as well as product reviews. We're pumped to start getting this content created and to start sharing it with you so be on the look at for those!

Next is the introduction of our monthly giveaways. We've been planning and brainstorming how we want to execute these giveaways and we're just about ready to launch. You can expect some awesome prizes and easy ways to participate. Keep an eye out particularly on Instagram for announcements. I'm not going to give away too much information but you will not want to miss these giveaways.

The next item coming up will be our store. We are currently working on designing products and merchandise as well as viewing samples and proofs. We hope to have an array of shirts, hoodies and hats as well as stickers, lanyards, koozies and more. We're excited to get the store up and running and see everyone rocking some Palmetto Pursuit swag real soon.

Lastly, as you might have already noticed, we have a Newsletter signup started when you visit the website. We'll be sending out a monthly newsletter to subscribers each month. Within the newsletter we'll be including exclusive updates, event information and discounts from our partners that will be available only to our subscribers. 

 Finally, we will be continuing with our goal and efforts to provide some way to give back to our environment. It seems like every time we are out in nature, we end up cleaning up someone else’s mess. So one of our main goals and priorities will be finding a way to do more than what we can do alone!

2017 Deer Season - Looking Back

As deer hunters, there really is no "off season". Once the hunting season is over then it's time for taking down stands if need be, shed hunting and spring and summer time scouting. All of this is in preparation for the next season. All of the hard work and effort culminates and builds into the anticipation of opening day. Then, as long as it feels like it takes opening day to get here it feels like the season comes to an end equally as fast. With the  2017 deer season behind me, I thought it would be beneficial to look back at what my goals were, if I was able to meet them and what I learned along the way.

My 2017 season was full of ups and downs, plenty of frustration and plenty of success as well. Completely unrelated to hunting itself, this season was full of personal milestones. My youngest son turned two, my oldest turned eleven and we welcomed our baby daughter into the world. My wife and I celebrated three years of marriage and 10 years of being together and my sister got married. You can imagine that all of these things, especially the new baby, took some time away from hunting (especially since all but one happened during October and November).

My goals for this year were to first and foremost put meat in the freezer. I got skunked last year, which could be blog post all of its own, and didn't have venison in the freezer for this year. My other goals were to do some hunting out of state, kill a mature buck with my bow and hunt more in the national forest.

Early in the season I let a few does walk in hopes they were dragging bucks behind them. I've done this in years past and have decided I will no longer do this. I passed on does for so long that it was once again late into the season before I killed any deer and I was at risk of getting skunked again. I was able to get the monkey off my back during a hunt in Francis Marion National forest which allowed me to kill two birds with one stone with regard to my goals (meat in freezer and hunt the national forest). In future seasons, though, I will look to do some doe management early on instead of waiting and ensure a full freezer sooner than later. I did not hunt the national forest after that hunt but plan to hunt multiple times next year now that I have a better ideas of the lay of the land and how things operate there.

I had the opportunity to do some hunting in North Carolina as well which allowed me to check that off my list. Matt and myself spent a couple days in the hills of North Carolina hunting some of his family's property. It was a pretty surreal experience. The first day we hunted the temp started in the lower 30's and dropped several degrees before starting to snow. We hunted all that day and the next day while about 6 inches of snow accumulated. Matt killed a doe and I saw several deer just not any close enough. I did have a small 6 pt eat in front of me for about 30 mins but we weren't allowed to shoot anything smaller than an 8 pt. At the end of the trip we went home with the doe Matt shot and a roughly 130 lb buck that his uncle gave us out of guilt for us not seeing/shooting more deer. All in all it was a fun trip and we're already planning to return next year.

The last major goal I had was to harvest a mature buck with my bow. I was not able to accomplish this and it was for multiple reasons. Your best bet where I generally hunt is to get a mature buck during the rut. Other than the rut, the bucks don't leave their bedding areas and their home ranges are pretty small. The rut gets them moving and even more so if you can get some cold weather during that time. The rut this year for me was sort of an "off-time" as we were getting acclimated to having a brand new baby and also trying to celebrate several big milestones in our family. In retrospect, it's not that big of a deal as I've ended the season with 4 deer in the freezer and a potential 5th or 6th if my son can seal the deal next weekend on his youth day hunt. Oh I also forgot to mention that my bow feel 20 feet from a tree stand at the end of November due to a faulty hoist rope so it's been out of commission since then anyways!

Goals are important in anything you do as it gives you a purpose and point to aim your efforts. If you've never set specific goals for your hunting season I highly recommend it. How did your season go this year? Do you set goals for your hunting season(s)? Let us know in the comments or on our social media pages.

Waterfowl Migration Maps

If you're a waterfowl hunter then you know there is almost no more important aspect to planning a hunt then knowing where the birds are at. As a waterfowl hunter you undoubtedly pay attention to any reports or information you can find with regard to how the birds are migrating and where along with flyways increased numbers can be seen. Having accurate and thorough information with regard to this information can make or break a hunting trip. And lets face it, nobody wants to be the guy sitting in a blind with a bunch of bored buddies running low on coffee having not fired a shot because you didn't plan the hunt well.

Well, one great tool to help you avoid this are the Ducks Unlimited's Waterfowl Migration Map and Hunting Reports. Hunters can see and read hunting and migration reports submitted by other hunters throughout the country as well as very well written hunting reports from Ducks Unlimited contributors. There are obviously other things that need to be taken into consideration but this site from Ducks Unlimited is a great place to start. We utilize these reports often here at Palmetto Pursuit along with the Windy weather website and app (See our weather page) when planning our hunts.

We hope that if you haven't seen the Ducks Unlimited Migration Map and Hunting Reports that you find them useful. Do you have any helpful resources you use for planning your hunts? Share them in the comments, post them in the forum or hut us on on social media!