What is the goal?

My name is Matt and I am here to help Palmetto Pursuit launch into something Gus and I have wanted for a long time. After my time in the Army, I decided to move down to South Carolina to start my future which has largely been pointed towards the outdoor world. When my 9-5 time card is punched, I want to be exploring new places and making new memories through the sites of my bow. 

We have been hunting the Francis Marion National Forest for the last 2 years and found it very difficult to find information about where to go, where to camp and where to hunt. With a little over 258k acres to explore, this was a daunting task at first. That is where my goal for Palmetto Pursuit came into the cross hairs. Pairing our experience and knowledge with the latest news and product reviews, we want to expand our reach into the surrounding Southern states to help people just like you have more fun being an outdoorsman. 

The other main drive for us is our conservation efforts. We want to not only give back to the community, but also work very hard at trying to keep the land and water ways we love maintained and ready for the next generation to take over after us. If we don’t all work together to preserve what we love, it will some day disappear. It is just a proven fact that most people don’t care about keeping the land clean.

Hopefully, we share the same goal and passion and can help shine the light for new sportsman and the more seasoned alike. With your help and experience, we can truly create a space for us to come together and share each others memories. 

So make an account, log in and tell us about your self! Happy hunting!