We've Arrived!

Here we are... Palmetto Pursuit has finally landed. The truth is this has been a long time coming and should have been materialized over a year ago. Unfortunately I let my own self-doubt and concerns about what other people would think get in my way. Couple that with some design delays we had along the way and it's taken a little longer than expected. But, nonetheless, we're here and we couldn't be more excited to finally launch.

My name is Gus and Palmetto Pursuit was originally my brain child. I got the idea rolling and then brought in a close friend to help me out, provide some important insight and make sure I wasn't completely insane. Together, over that past several months we have put together what we think is something special are continuing to build and develop even more for Palmetto Pursuit. So what exactly is Palmetto Pursuit, you ask? Well let's start from the beginning.

A couple of years ago I started an Instagram account and wanted to specifically share my outdoor adventures. Pictures and videos of hunting, fishing and camping from my point of view. However, with no real aim or purpose it slowly dwindled and I stopped posting to the account. But deep down I knew I wanted to do something more with the outdoors. I love being outside, I love being in the woods among nature and everything it has to offer. So with this continually gnawing at the back of my mind I slowly started to see what I wanted to do with Palmetto Pursuit. After getting the initial ball rolling, my friend and I (who will have the chance to introduce himself in his own post) decided we wanted to build a community and platform for hunters, anglers and outdoorsmen and women in the Palmetto state and surrounding Southeastern United States. That desire led us to where we are today.

As we continue to build, our hope is to bring together outdoorsmen and women who can share stories and information and support one another ultimately maintaining a strong community of people helping to uplift and preserve the outdoor lifestyle and traditions we all love. To make this happen we have created this website where local area news and events can be found. Additionally we will be doing in depth product reviews, eventually have our own shop for apparel and other items as well as the launching of our Palmetto Pursuit forums. All of this will be tied into our various social media platforms so you can all share with one another in whatever way is most convenient for you. We're excited to see where this thing goes and what kind of community we can grow.

Drop us a line in the comments here or on social media and be sure to follow along on social media! Thanks for stopping by.

Source: www.palmettopursuit.com